Hi-yooo, how’s everybody doing?  Starting a blog, or a writing journal, or even sometimes just meeting a person for the first time is always so awkward. 

Should I just ignore the elephant in the room and start posting about my hellish day (my electricity went out in my condo unit, and mine alone, in a building of over 30……huh), pretending like we can skip all the clumsy “All About Me” information?

Or do you want the basic “All About Me” information?  The stuff where I tell you how I got my degree in English, but now spend my days managing the circulation for a local magazine.  (I am already fully aware of the irony, thankyouverymuch.  But, on a plus note, I have discovered my true love of Excel spreadsheets…sigh)?  Should I inform you that my name is Katie (that’s actually probably a good start whichever option I choose) and I’ll be marrying my highschool sweetheart, Tony, in what in my head will be a gorgeous winter wedding, but could very well be a huge blizzard-y monstrosity of a day seeing as though we ARE in Wisconsin, hasn’t anyone informed you, you complete moron?  (That was my inner voice coming out and bullying me.  Still making my peace with my decision to play Russian Roulette with the weather here.  If you’re a Midwesterner, I think you know exactly what I mean.)

Eh – neither option is thrilling me.  So I think I’ll go my own route.  I think the best way to get to know a person is to get to know the small stuff.  So in no particular order:

1.) If you haven’t noticed already, I love parentheses. (Oh) (how) (I) (love) (thee).  You’ll see them often throughout this blog so if you might list something like “I hate parentheses” in your own list of small stuff, then I think we might not get along very well and you should probably just stop reading.

2.) Did you make it to #2?  Ok, good.  I’m glad you love the fine punctuation that is the parentheses as much as I do.

3.) Did you notice I didn’t really list a quirk about myself for #2?  I would have.  That should tell you even more about my personality.

4.) I love shoes.  You might even see some shoe porn throughout this blog where I will randomly post pictures of my insanely gorgeous wedding shoes.  My fiancee thinks it speaks volumes about me that I have already bought my wedding shoes, but have yet to buy a wedding dress.  And he is right.

5.) I wanted to be a rockstar when I was little.  The electric guitarist, to be exact. 

6.) I have no idea how to play a guitar.  Or an electric one, to be exact.

7.) I love sugar.  And that sounds pretty basic, but in fact, it’s oh so much more than that.  (And after my last $1800 dentist’s bill, it’s turned into a love/hate relationship) (ooo, more parentheses, I hope you caught that!).  Anyway, like a wine enthusiast, I believe I have quite a mature palette for sugar.  It should drive the point home when I mention that he proposed to me by hiding the ring in a box of Nerds.

8.) I hate crowds and traffic.  I do a lot of shopping online and turning left onto a busy street will cause me to break a sweat.

9.) If you’re coming from my Facebook page, you’re probably realizing by now that this list is looking an awful lot like my “25 Random Things” note, oh my gosh, how could you, Katie?  And if that’s what you’re thinking, then all I have to say is…I’m tired, ya’ll, ok?  Cut a girl some slack and let her plagiarize off…herself.

10.) I’ve never been late in paying a bill in my entire life.  Totally anal, I know…

11.) I still sleep with a baby blanket, but I have to drape it across my pillow in a special way.  It’s become so worn now that it has a huge hole in the middle that my ear gets stuck in when I’m sleeping.  It’s now less of a baby blanket and more 4 corners of a baby blanket.

12.) When I walk through the door, I will do nothing else until I put my pajamas on.

13.) My “good cholestorol” is off the charts.  My nurse couldn’t believe it when she read back my information.  She thinks it’s good genes.  I think it’s my obsession with avocados.  We both agree it’s not the candy.

14.) I can’t NOT finish a book.  And trust me, I’ve read some lousy books.  Maybe it’s a form of self torture, but I can count on one hand the amount of books I’ve actually let myself stop.  For the love of God, do not make the same mistake I did, though.  If I can save one person from reading The Historian, then I consider this blog a success story. 

15.) I’ve saved all my change since 2005 and it’s all going to this lovely wedding that I’m planning.  It’ll be around $800 by the time all things are said and done.  After talking with vendors, though, I’m not sure that’s really going to get me very far.  But, damnit, it’s something!

I suppose that’s about it, folks.  As I write more about my daily grind and add a little wedding love to the mix, you’ll hopefully get to know me better and find out what I’m all about.  Stay tuned…

***And to clear up the questions you might have after reading this – “yes, I have paid all my electric bills, it’s not that” and “yes, I am worried about my Google stats after using the phrases ‘shoe porn’ and ‘totally anal’ in this post.  (Shit, that’s twice now)  Hmm…Maybe I should be asking you the questions…like…did you find me through Google?  If so, then I’m a little worried about you…