But, alas…they are all mine and I’ll just have to be extra careful not to drop the soap because these shoes won’t be leaving my feet!  Wait’ll you see me kickin’ it down the aisle in these bad boys.  Ready for this?  I present my gorgeous wedding shoes:

Yes, they are red.  And I know that it’s totally the new thing for everyone to do a rainbow of wedding shoes now, but if you knew the utter delight I take in wearing, collecting, stalking, and otherwise being all around obnoxious about shoes, then you would understand why wearing red was the only way to go for me.*

It’s January here in Wisconsin so I am fully aware that you can see the lines from my wool socks that I took off at the last possible second before having to put these shoes on for pictures.  Make fun all you want, but I’d rather have the wool socks on than the shoes during our next snowstorm.  I’m just sayin’… 

In this picture I am doing the Michael Jackson.  One hand is holding the crotch, the other is tipping my fedora.  Somehow this was cropped out.  I have no idea how that could have happened…You’ll just have to mentally visualize.

*Things I added to my shopping list after viewing these photos: 1.) Tanning lotion, 2.) New razors, 3.) Toenail polish, 4.) A mop to clean those filthy floors.