Like every good little bride, I’m trying to be good and little for my wedding day.  And while most who know me probably roll their eyes because I’m all of 5’2 and pretty tiny, I, like most women, feel squishy in areas that I wish were more toned. 

I belong to the Y.  I get an insane discount through work so I pay all of $12 a month (feeling violent towards me, yet?  I know, I know…), but somehow I find better things to do than going to said Y.

Like watching reruns of “Law and Order: SVU.”

Or pouring myself a glass of chocolate milk.

Or using my precious time (and it IS precious when you work two jobs) to make nachos for dinner instead of driving my sorry, cheese-atarian butt to the gym.

So I begged Tony to join, which wasn’t hard to do, but I’m finding the hard part is to get him to actually go with me.  I need a partner to motivate me.  And it’s not such good motivation when he’s calling me, asking if I want him to pick up Taco Bell on his way home (yes, yes I do.  Cheesy Gordita Crunch with extra baja sauce, please.)

(And as I’m literally typing this he just walked up and said “You have to try this new Strawberry Peanutbutter M&M.”  He knows that all he needs is a little glucose to please his woman.)

Don’t get me wrong.  The YMCA is a great gym.  I belonged to Gold’s Gym when I lived in a resort town in Florida and all the stereotypes of belonging to an “elite” gym in a rich area are true.  Meatheads :::cough::: Meatheads :::cough::: Meatheads.  Ugh.  So the Y is a nice change of pace.  It’s just that it’s 15 minutes away…(oooh the agooony!)

Anybody want to be a gym buddy?  I’ll buy you Taco Bell afterwards!