Because I’m more than just a bride-to-be (a cheeky one, though, of course), I do have a life outside of wedding planning.  So maybe it’d be nice for you to read about something other than wedding planning.  Alright, I’m being selfish – it’s more like I think it’d be nice to write about something other than wedding planning.

Nice wedding planning blog, huh?

Anyway – I have my brain on other things right now.  It’s playoff Sunday so I’m living, breathing and eating football.  Yeah, I would eat a football if I could.  Don’t test  my dedication, people.  This is too important.

I’m a huge Packer fan.  Huge.  Sometimes I have daydreams that it’s Aaron Rodgers waiting for me at the end of that aisle, but we’ll pretend like I didn’t say that, cuz that sounds really creepy.  (I trust you to keep that secret from Tony).

So, if you’ve looked at the date of this blog post you’re probably wondering if I really know what I’m talking about because the Packers were taken out of the playoffs last Sunday by the Cardinals (that game took years off my life.  YEARS!  Years that I will never get back, but who’s bitter?). 

But today, I am watching my DVR’ed recording of the Dallas and Minnesota game.  If you’re a Packer fan, this game is almost as important as if it were our beloved Green and Gold.  Because either you’re watching to support Brett or you’re watching because you have an invested interest to see Brett fail.

I’m a Dallas fan today so you can pretty much assume why I’m watching. 

That’s the last time you’ll see me write that last sentence, too.

Oh Green and Gold – I will be right here waiting, getting my butt groove ready in the couch and my Packer tee-shirt nice and lived in…ready for another awesome season next year.  How many months to go?