It will more than likely be a cold, winter wedding…but let’s hope my plan to make it warm, comfy and pretty-all-over falls into place.

I’ve created my first little inspiration board everrr.  And I’m damn excited that it only took me 25 minutes to figure out how to do this.  I’ve probably violated every copyright law on the books…and if I’ve stolen a picture of yours and you’re pissed off about it, well then, I’m terribly sorry.  Write me a little comment below and I’ll remove it before you get all lawful on my ass. 

(Just kidding – you know I would be cowering in the corner, apologizing profusely, probably signing over my first born child as restitution.  And then I would spend another 25 minutes figuring out how to take this damn inspiration board down. )

Anyway – here’s a few cool ways to use manzanita branches and mason jars.  I’m planning to use these very same branches (as you’ve seen in an earlier post), but I’m still not sure if I’m going to get all gung-ho crystal with it or stick with a more zen approach and just keep it simple.  I’ll play around.  I also saw some really cool pictures of homemade snowglobes (made from different kinds of jars, some being mason), which would be insanely cool as part of my decor, but I have to keep some things a surprise for you people so you’ll just have to wait and see…

Top left images from Real Simple.  Bottom left from Off Beat Bride