Ok, I’m going to say this just this once and just this once only…

I actually felt a wee baby bit sad for Brett Favre yesterday.  Hence the title of this post.  That IS a miracle.

Before the game started I was talking loads of smack, asking (forcing) Tony to declare allegience to the Saints and yelling every couple seconds at the TV, “Kick the shit out him boys!  Bring that old man to the ground!”

And then when it started to happen more and more…I started to feel kind of…what do you call this emotion?  Kinda bad…

I am not a Brett Favre fan.  I wasn’t even a big Brett Favre fan when he was on the Packers – the man was unpredictable (cough, interceptions much?).  And then add this whole waffling back and forth.  And then throw in the fact that Packer fans tend to be a little crazy about their team.  And you have one giant mess that he made.

I get it.  He wanted to play football.  But for the Vikings?  Really, Brett?  Really? 

Anyhow – by 4th quarter yesterday I was sitting on the couch next to Tony who was starting to waffle on his allegience (a.k.a. he kept going to cheer when the Vikings would do something good and then look at  me really quick out of sheer panic that I was going to bite him) and suddenly I started to wish deep down that the Vikings might actually pull through.

God – a little part of my soul just died right there and then when I wrote that.

Anyhow – that was the miracle that occurred yesterday.  I’m still trying to digest that.

Moving on to wedding business.  I went and tried on wedding dresses today.  I went to a little shop in Cedarburg and the lady who helped me was so darn friendly.  I want to write a whole paragraph about how I found the one, but alas, it was not meant to be I guess.

I think I was a little thrown off by the process.  I’m not sure if this is how a lot of salons operate, but she took me into the area where they had the dresses and had me pick through them for ones I like.  Have you ever seen a big, frou frou wedding dress in a bag?  It just looks like a bag full of material.  It’s hard to envision what that big ball of material will look like on your body.  So my boo, Allie, and I started picking anything that looked half-way decent and the first round was a bust.  Nothing grabbed me.

The next round I had a little help from the consultant who took what we learned from the first round and pulled some dresses she thought would look good.  By the end of the appointment I had about 4 dresses I liked.  But “like” is the operative word.  Nothing that thrilled me.  No tears or huge exclamations like “this is the one!”  I did love things about each dress so I had her write them all down and when my mom comes to visit in 2 months we’ll revisit the shop.  Problem is -3 of the 4 are over budget.  Because of the way we picked the dresses, there really wasn’t much of a budget talk.

Walking away from this experience, I feel a little…overwhelmed.