Oh my head.  My aching head.

Guess who’s sick?  This gal.  Ugh – I hate being sick. 

This is what was on my original agenda for the day (a.k.a. – before I got sick):

    1.) Go to the gym

    2.) Call apartment listings

    3.) Call my girls Kristen and Sarah because, duh, heellllo bad friend Katie!

    4.) Go to the grocery store so I can stop living off of Saltine crackers and old packets of oatmeal.

    5.) Walk down 1 flight of stairs to get the mail.

What I’ve actually DONE today:

    1.) Laid on couch and watched What Not To Wear reruns.

That’s it.  Were you expecting more?  Oh, and by the way, I still haven’t gotten my mail yet.  It’s 9 at night.  1 flight of stairs, that’s all! 

Oy vey.  Thank goodness for Tony (we’re back in hunky dory land, in case you worried from that one post)  He just brought me Noodles.  With extra cheese.  Maybe I can convince him to go get the mail…