I think I’ve mentioned before that my cousin Margaret is a bride-to-be herself.  This morning I saw that she had written on her blog and so I checked it out.  And what she wrote about really hit close to home.

To sum up, her blog post talked about feeling overwhelmed by staying within budget while also accomodating the number of people on her invite list.  And how to include all the little luxuries like an open bar, etc.  And then she goes on to question whether she can afford to invite 175 people or if she should, sadly, cut her invite list back.  You could just feel the stress ooze from the writing.  And I totally got it.

Her blog post spoke to me because I felt like she was writing everything I have been feeling for the past year while wedding planning.  So I left a little comment on the bottom of her post saying that, using her as inspiration, I was going to write out my own similar feelings about this overwhelming time between engagement and marriage.

I so know where she is coming from.  Tony and I have been blessed to have our parents contribute money to the wedding, but the majority of the big day will come out of our pocketbooks (and my change jar…teehee).  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned while trying to plan this damn wedding it’s that weddings aren’t cheap (I saw you roll your eyes and say “duh!” – yeah, I’m watching you…look out your window.  There I am.  “Hi!”)

I felt so incredibly overwhelmed in the beginning.  And I still feel incredibly overwhelmed now thinking about all the crazy expenses that go into making the day so special.  We tried to keep our guest list super low (85-100 people low), but it still feels like the budget creeps higher and higher as we go along.

The problem is finding the balance.  I don’t mind saving money where I can, but I don’t want to cheap out on things that are important to me.  I could care less about a cake.  Seriously.  But I wasn’t giving in on the open bar or the photography.  And that will set us back quite a bit.

It starts to get overwhelming when you start to add the little things, too.  Parking expenses, limos, hair and makeup, wedding bands, suit rentals, music, decor…the list goes on (and add up, it does).

I guess my long, rambling post doesn’t do much good but vent, but I wanted to let Margaret and all the other bride-to-be’s out there know that I totally feel ya.  You aren’t alone in stressing about the money and different options.   And you’ll get lots of advice from everyone that says “The day is about the two of you,” “Don’t worry about this or that,” but I know sometimes it’s easy to bypass the advice because it’s something we already know.  But really…it IS true.  At the end of the day, you’ll have bagged yourself a husband and that’s the important part, right?

So Margaret – hang in there.  Do what feels right for you and Beau and everything else will fall into place.  Save where you can (economy=bad in general, but a good time to finagle some good deals from vendors).  And remember – nobody’s going to remember if you served the cheaper wine.