I vow to stop leaving my dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is clearly empty and only 2 feet away.

I vow to stop picking out and eating all the really red, juiciest looking watermelon from the tupperware and then leaving the rest in the refridgerator for you to have later.

I vow to stop referring to your XBox as “The Other Woman.”

I vow to trust your judgment when the meat is actually done. 

I vow to learn how to cook something…anything…and put a little bit of garlic in it.  Just for you.

I vow to stop rolling my eyes when you tell me I’m beautiful.

I vow to stop asking you which shoes go better with an outfit.  I know they all look the same to you.

I vow to stop trying to shove the last little remnants of soap down the drain and clogging it.

I vow to let you pick the movies every once in awhile.  I know they can’t all be comedies.

I vow to stop putting my ice cold hands up under your shirt and calling it “The Oven.”

Oh yeah…and all that other stuff about respecting and obeying…yadda, yadda, yadda…I vow that too.