It’s Sunday, my least favorite day of the week, but one I look forward to because I can talk about something other than wedding-mania on this blog-o-mine.  Funny thing is, what I’m going to write about sort of ties in to wedding plans in a roundabout way.

We need to find a new place to live.  Right now I’m staying in a condo rented to me by a family member who is trying to sell it.  The deal she is giving me is incredible, not to mention this place is pretty darn cushy.  It has taken quite awhile for this place to sell so I’ve been living in it for longer than what was originally planned, but I have a gut feeling it’ll be selling very soon.  Not only because there are some people interested, but because my aunt is really desperate to sell it and the price keeps getting lower.

So, in the middle of winter, we’re off to find a new place.  Problem is, not a lot of places are for sale in the middle of winter in Wisconsin.  Because, really…who moves in the middle of winter?  Only me.  Both last year and this year.  Fun stuff.

Tony really wants to rent a quaint little house in Cedarburg, which would be fine and dandy with me, but we can’t find anything for rent right now.  So we’ve moved on to looking at some of the apartment buildings too…and…eh.

Here’s where the wedding ties in.  His parents (and a little bit of my parents also) have weighed in on us forgoing the wedding and putting the money towards a new house.  Which is completely and utterly practical.  But it makes me sad.

I get it.  I know about the credit we’d get if we bought now.  I know about how much more responsible it’d be to buy a house instead of to piss it away on a wedding.  But I can still feel sad about the fact that I’m getting all kinds of practical pressure to skip the wedding I’ve thought about since I was knee high in order to buy a house that I’m not sure we could afford at the moment anyhow.

It bums me out because while I know weddings are such a huge waste of money, I also feel they’re important in a weird way.  We’re human.  We wake up at 6 in the morning, roll out of bed, battle traffic and bad weather to get to our crappy jobs and then we come home, watch a couple t.v. shows, make a little dinner and then go to bed to start it all over again.  It’s pessimistic, but it’s sorta the truth when it boils down.

What do we work so hard for?  We work to make money.  And what is life if we can’t put some of that money towards enjoying our existence once in awhile?  To throw a big party to celebrate your love?  To take an extravagant vacation with your family?  As humans, I think these big events are what makes the day to day worth it.  The motivating drive behind why we do the not-so-fun things we do.

So maybe I’m trying to convince myself that having a wedding (on a fairly reasonable budget I believe…I don’t think we’re breaking the bank and we’re certainly not going into debt for it) is something I should be allowed to feel ‘ok’ about.  But instead I’m just feeling all around guilty.

Whoa – you’ve now officially met the bummed out pessimistic Cheeky Bride.  And somehow, in a twist of fate, this blog topic has gone back to being about weddings.  Can’t stay away!

Tomorrow I will try damn hard to talk about something else.  And I promise it’ll be on a lighter note.