I’m allowed to write about whatever I want today because I made up that rule yesterday.  I’m a rule follower like that. 

I stood in front of the copy machine for 2 hours today (feeling like an intern, but alas, I’m actually making my own copies because I don’t have an intern.  Which I could desperately use during audit week in case anybody is reading this and wants to pay for a “Katie Intern.”  There’s still time, it’s only Tuesday tomorrow.)  (That totally sounded snooty.  And for the record, I’ve never had an intern.) Double parentheses, hurrah!

Anyhow, as I waited for the stupid machine to either spit out my copies or jam (which it does quite nicely I learned after 2 hours of standing in front of it…in 3 inch heels…yowza), I tried to think about what I would write for this momentous occasion.  Oh happy, happy, joy, joy – I get to write about something…anything…not wedding related!

Couldn’t think of a damn thing.  I’m sure you’ve guessed that by now as I have officially procrastinated starting up any exciting topic, which means I’ve also officially wasted your time for the last 3 paragraphs.  And since I’ve come this far, I may as well walk you through the rest of my day.

I drove to the bank after work, which is about 20 minutes out of my way, so it gave me more time to think on the way home.  Still nothing.

I got home and looked at Tony all pathetic and whined about how my life is completely meaningless because I can’t think of a damn thing to write about on my blog that doesn’t have to do with the wedding.  He looked at me and laughed and then made up a little song that went something like “She’s all consumed with the weeeeedding…she’s all consumed with the weeeedddding.”  I suppose song and dance doesn’t really translate to the written word, which is why you probably aren’t laughing like I was when I witnessed his little jingle.

Which brings me to the here and now.  I’m lying on the couch after making the Honey and I some exceptional PB & J sandwiches for dinner (I vowed to learn how to cook, but I never said when).  I just finished watching the latest episode of Project Runway which I DVRed from Thursday (anybody else wonder how the judges choose their winners?  Like, aim for the most awkward, hideous piece of clothing that no respectable girl would truly wear other than the runway and…ding ding…we have a winner.  Gag). 

So because I’m being pathetic (cough…lazy…coughcough), I’m turning it over to you, Fair Internet.  What would you like to know about me?  I work well under assignment so give me a writing assignment for next week’s Off-Wedding-Topic Blog Post.  I’ll try not to disappoint a.k.a. – metaphorically speaking, I’ll try to make the gourmet meal instead of this PB & J post.