Ah screw it!  I’m making a new rule – I can write about whatever I want to on whatever day I want to from now on.  There I go making more rules.  I figure – my life doesn’t revolve around Mondays…so if something interesting happens to me on Thursday…well, then, I’ll go ahead and write about it.  I originally started this blog to be a little follow-along to my wedding planning, but I’m starting to get the feeling I’m creeping you all out because writing everyday about weddings would make me seem…how do I say this…obsessed?  (Which, I’m really not!  I’m just trying to update my blog a lot so a few entries were really me pulling at straws to come up with something wedding related).  So I officially invite you to my new blog…in which I get to talk about weddings as well as all kinds of other fun stuff.

Phew.  You’d think I felt guilty or something writing a whole paragraph explanation.

Moving on.  I’ve scoured the papers lately for rental places and visited a duplex yesterday during my lunch hour.  It was…ok.  Let me start out by saying – I’ve been spoiled, ya’ll.  When Tony and I lived in Florida we rented what people call a “Mother-In-Law” house behind a huge, beautiful home on the bay.  The house was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with all kinds of beautiful little amenities and extras.  And to add to your growing hatred of me out of jealousy, we paid very little for it.  Because the owners were friends with my aunt and uncle they gave us a deal (a steal, really!)  Oh, how I loved that house.  If I could have picked it up and moved it back with me to Wisconsin, I would have. 

Which brings me here.  I’m living in a gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with underground parking, a washer and dryer, and lots of space and I’m paying the condo dues.  Less than $200.  Don’t shoot me because I know you want to.

So I’m having a hard time accepting what we’ll get on the budget we’ve created for rent now.  Laundromat?  What’s a laundromat?  What did people do without dishwashers back in the day?  Wash…by…hand?  Wha?

So, back to yesterday.  I visited a duplex for rent in Cedarburg.  Plusses are that it’ll be really close to my work.  Try 3 blocks.  It’s also a side duplex, which is nice, because I’m getting really tired of hearing people walking above me.  The downside is you have to bring your own washer and dryer (and the last time I checked under my bed I didn’t have either) and it still kind of…smells…like an old lady (oh God, please don’t curse me for saying something so horrible).  And there’s also no dishwasher – which, again, puzzles me because…how do dishes get clean then?  Baffling.

So that’s not really on my radar.  My in laws called me about another little house for rent in the area and I called there today.  It’s a cute little home right in the downtown area of Cedarburg, but the rent is way out of our budget and the carpet is green.  Remember my official stance against green carpet in wedding venues?  Well, that same stance applies to the carpet I have to WALK ON EVERYDAY!  Goodness sakes.  They said they would replace the carpet, but it’d be another 20 dollars a month.  Pfft, yeah right – I can’t even afford the green carpet rent.

So, back to square one.  Still on the search.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I won’t end up a homeless bride begging for money on the streets.

“Will work for food, shelter and a wedding dress.”