Something’s ‘off’ this week and I think it’s because I’m used to Toner coming home Wednesday nights.  He usually works Monday and Tuesday down in Chicago and gets to work remote the rest of the week. 

But this week he has to be in the office everyday for something work related, but that’s all I really know because once he starts using graphic design lingo I go to a very special place in my head where .pdf formats and Adobe Illustrator cannot reach me.  I’m shaping up to be a really supportive wife, I daresay.  (Vow #11 I vow to attempt to learn geek-speak so we can communicate about your job).

I don’t usually work Thursday mornings so I’m used to sitting on the couch, yapping his ear off as he’s trying to get his work done.  (He’s also developed a special place of his own.  It’s a land no wedding industry or guest list can touch.)

But, sigh, I have to wait until Friday night to see him which means my lack of anything better to do today has me making lists that involve tasks like this:  1.) empty the dishwasher, 2.) refill the dishwasher, 3.) get my ass to the gym, there is no excuse.*

Or maybe I’ll call him at work and pester him.  Yeah, I think I’ll go with that option. 

*Wanna take bets on list item #3?