Ok, now don’t think Tony and I are weird, but…Sometimes we’ll talk about funny names we’ll name our kids.  And we’ll choose categories.  (Yeah, this is what we do on Friday nights sometimes.  What?  We’re cool).

Allow me to demonstrate how you play this game. 

The other night we decided we would name our children only names of Arnold Schwarzenegger characters.

The first would be T2 after Ah-nuld’s most famous role in Terminator.  Which, actually, I find quite fitting because, duh, Tony is T1 if you really think about it.  It’s almost like having a Junior.  But with a more numerical flair.

Our next little bundle of joy would be christened Quaid.  It’s from “Total Recall,” which is a movie often quoted in his circle of guy friends.  “C’mon Cohaagen, you got what you want!  Give da’ people da’ aiihr!” (If only Arnold-speak could be translated into the written word properly.  That would be a glorious day).

Our last child will be named Conan.  Because, well…yeah.  And by the way – this could be a really lovely name for either boy or girl. 

T2, Quaid and Conan.  Sounds like a pretty well-rounded family without any deep-rooted psychological issues, right?

A picture of our youngest. He'll be attending UCLA in the fall where he hopes to study politics. We're such proud parents.

Fun game: true or false?  Your turn – give it a try.  What category would you pick for your future children’s monikers? (You know they’ll thank you one day.  For sure.)