Thanks Aunt Jen for leaving the only comment giving me a writing assignment to help with my writer’s block (Um…did you see the Arnold post?  I’m desperate, people!).  All the rest of you?  You’re a bunch of slackers.

She asked what my ideal job would be.

Well, aside from fulfilling my lifelong childhood dream to be a rockstar (which could still happen despite my lack of any music skills.  All you need is attitude, really, so a part of me is still holding out hope), I’ve always wanted to be an author.

Any English major will tell you about our curse.  The dreaded “What will you do with an English degree” question.  The answer being a slight shoulder shrug while we watch the question asker already form their next question in their mind.  One we already know.  “Are you planning on teaching?”

I’m not sure where people make the connection between studying the English language and then turning around and teaching it to others, but somehow this is the conclusion most people will form.  And it’s true, many of us do go on to teach.  But many of us still hold on to some impossible dream where we’re sitting in a home in the backwoods of Maine at 3 in the morning piecing together the next New York Times bestseller ala Stephen King.

When I tell people I work for a magazine, naturally their first assumption is that I write for the publication.  However, because my degree was an emphasis on Creative Writing, I actually really dislike the journalistic style of writing.  I give huge props to those who can breakdown an important piece of news for a newspaper article and get all the facts in the first paragraph and remember all the special rules that go along.  I’m just too damn wordy myself.  I want to reserve the right to get all Postmodern if I please and write an entire paragraph without a period if the mood strikes me. 

So I can see why people might believe those of us who love to write as having limited options in the real world.  And I’m okay with the fact that my current occupation doesn’t have to do with what I went to school for because at the end of the day I can come home and write a little more to a piece of fiction I go back to now and then or use this blog as an outlet.

So to answer the question as a journalist would: I would love to be an author.  Straight and to the point.

I know it’s a pipe dream, though, so if you were to twist my arm for a more “real world” occupation, I’d love to work for a literary agency, sorting through all the work being submitted by amateur writers.  When I was in school, I thoroughly enjoyed my Senior Seminar where all my classmates and I sat in a big circle each day and talked about each other’s work.  Not only did it provide for some awesome constructive criticism on my writing, but it was really inspiring to read the creative pieces others came up with.

So, thanks Aunt Jen for the assignment.  You officially have dibs on the acknowledgment page of my first book.