Whooo-wee people.  Spirited debate going on in the comment section of the last post. 

So I reread my last post and hope I didn’t come off all uppity.  Cuz if you know me, I think it’s fair to say I’m not really like that in real life.  Unless I’m judging you on your shoes.  Then you might want to watch out because I can come up with pretty snarky comments (in my head, of course! ) Like when I saw a lady at Target the other day and thought “ooh, I never got the memo that we time traveled back to 1999.”  It’s terrible, I know, but we’re all allowed to be judgmental little bitches every once in awhile.  Especially at certain times of the month.  (Should I have shouted earmuffs before that last sentence for the fellas?  Sorry!)

Anyhow – let me clarify my feelings on Twilight because we have some “Twi-hards” up in the hizzouse tonight!  Ok – it’s not that I didn’t like the books.  I just don’t think I’d read them again.  I’d rather watch the movies and get a little eye candy fix, if ya’ know what I’m sayin’.  Anyhow – as much as everyone loves the book, you HAVE to admit…it’s not tough reading.  Which is what appeals to a lot of people.  And for a good month – I was one of those people, too.  I agree with Aunt Jen – they’re the kinds of books that let you escape into easy reading after a long day at work.

The problem I found with the book was that I kept shooting back to la la fantasyland circa Junior High.  I would sit in study hall and dream up crazy ass daydreams about my crush of the hour being some awesome roller skater or something (ok, everyone was into roller skating in 6th grade, shut up).  And then in my daydream, the roller rink would go dead and we’d be like, totally kissing in the middle of the skating rink and ooooh, sighhhh.  See what I mean?  Twilight brought me back to that awkward place, because in the book, all Bella’s weird fantasies happen and they’re just a little too…saccharine and farfetched.  Like Stephenie Meyer was still trying to live out that roller rink fantasy through Bella or something.

Anyway – I gobbled up all the books and spent my hard earned money on them at Amazon so I hold no judgment against those who did the same.

Although I don’t think any of you took the post this way, I do just want to clarify (because I’m anal and paranoid like that) that when I spit off my favorite and least favorite books and then tell you I love to poke around through people’s bookshelves…it’s not intended to come off like I’m judging anyone on his or her tastes (only his or her shoes, remember?).  

In a world where image is such a focal point, it’s so refreshing to hear people go against the popular opinion.  So, while I didn’t necessarily like Twilight for my own personal reasons (cringe inducing rollerskating rink fantasy flashbacks, for one) I am totally loving that some of you came to its defense in the last post and raised those Team Edward flags high!