My BBFF Allie (the extra ‘b’ stands for blonde and yeah, we’re that cool) are going dress “looking” again on Monday.  I say “looking” because I’m not planning to “shop.”  Which, if I stopped being annoying and using quotation marks, basically means I’m not buying anything yet.  Not until I can have my mushy little moment with my mom getting to see me in the dress.

My mom is flying into town at the end of March for a “Wedding Dress Extravaganza” weekend.  If my assumptions are correct, we’ll pretty much be on wedding dress autopilot for her entire visit.  Which is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking at the same time.  I worry a little that I won’t find “the one” when she’s here. 

So that’s why Allie and I have been on the prowl to check out little boutiques and get an idea of what dress styles might look good and if the shops are even worth a second visit when Mom’s here. 

So I’ll keep you updated on how Monday goes.  And thanks, Allie, for being such a fantastic little boo/co-maid of honor by running all over Oz County with me and taking lots of headless pictures.  (Do you know this girl asked me what color I wanted her hair to be on my wedding day?  Like…she just handed over to me the rights to her hair color for that day.  If she’s not careful, she’s going to turn me into a full-blown bridezilla.  And then our plan to land on that show might actually work.)