Anybody watching the Olympics?  I am, but I’m about 5 or 6 days behind.  I have to DVR it because of my crazy work schedule so I’ve watched up to about Monday so far.  So while I know who wins (it’s almost impossible not to know when is your homepage…), it’s still fun to see it in action.

After watching figure skating last night, though, I went on Youtube and thought it’d be fun to search for ice skating “accidents.”  Don’t ask me why I thought it’d be fun.  I guess I thought the search would return results with skaters not landing their tri-drupal axel twisty whatevers, but ooooh no.  I was in for a much more horrifying experience.  To put simply, if you are fainthearted, don’t do a Youtube search for a similar query.

Everybody compares watching terrible things to watching a train wreck – you can’t look away.  I watched some of the clips with my hands in front of my eyes, my fingers slightly spaced so I could see out.  I squawked and announced to Tony that I just could not watch some of these clips.  And then I kept watching.

Oh the horror.  Ice skating looks so pretty, but if you take a major fall…there’s head trauma, spinal cord injuries, blades to the face.  Oh my stars. 

I think I’ll watch tonight in a whole new way.  Peeking through the little spaces between my fingers.  (Or having Tony watch it first, tell me what happens, and then rewinding it so I can be prepared.  This is how we watch scary movies.  Any question as to whether he’s a saint?)

P.S. – Anybody else also worry the skiers and boarders aren’t going to be able to stop at the end of their run?  They’re the top athletes of their sport, training thousands of hours a year, and I still worry that they won’t be able to keep from going through the safety guards at the bottom.  Maybe a visit to Youtube will tell me if this has ever happened before.