Yeah I make up words, so what?

I have today off.  This is the first Saturday I’ve had off since I can remember.  Seriously.  It’s been months.  So I had big plans all week to really capitalize on this extra time.  Anything I thought to do I’d push to Saturday, as in… “oh, I’ll do the laundry on Saturday, I have the day off.”  Or… “Catch up on my DVR because it’s at 91%?  That sounds like a job for Saturday!” 

And here we are.  Saturday.  So far I’ve gotten the laundry moved into the washer, but I hold no false hope that the stuff in the dryer will be folded in a timely fashion. 

I’ve also spent all morning play fighting with Tony.  It’s what we do.  He got thwacked in the noggin’ as a good morning wake up and I got a sugar covered gummy worm in my ear.  By the same kid that used my last Q-tip last week.  The sugar can’t be good for my ear drum. 

I keep waiting for Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner to come in the room and sit us down with a lecture on how to play nice.

That’s my Saturday for you.  A little bit of laundry, some cuddling with the boy toy and a date night planned for tonight! 

Hopefully my life will take a turn for the interesting within the next couple weeks and I can stop reporting on the state of my DVR and washer machine.