As of late I’ve gotten a little bit away from the business at hand…this wedding that is happening in, oh, 9 months. (!!!) 

Whoa.  9 months.  Wasn’t it a year away just 3 months ago?  (Yeah, Katie, 9+3 equals 12.  Good math skills, blondie.)

Anyhow, when we booked the venue I remember feeling such a large weight lifted off my shoulders (I usually hate cliche phrases like this and know better than to use them in my normal writing, but for some reason in this blog, I find I gravitate to these trite sayings.  Sorry to those of you who hold our English language in much higher esteem).  Back to my original point because I have a tendency to get off topic easi- Squirrel?!

So after we booked Cuvee, I felt like we had finally started the ball rolling (If you’re keeping track, that’s 2 cliche literary phrases now).  Right after we booked, we happened to secure our wedding photographers too, so I was really starting to feel more like this was actually going to happen and not that we were total fakers who were going to be engaged for years.  I actually started feeling like a…bride.

So with a few of the bigger aspects planned, I’ve started to feel the stress slowly creeping up again.  This time because I feel I’m getting overwhelmed in the details.  I was up late the other night thinking about parking options, the day-of timeline, transportation, decor set up and hotel booking options for everyone.  All the little stuff that I wish I could just pawn off on someone else.  Listen, I’ll pick out the dress if someone else wants to plan this whole shindig.  Anyone?  Anyone?

I used to think planning a wedding would be so much fun.  You watch these shows on TLC and Oxygen and see brides picking out color palettes and flowers and blah blah blah, but when it’s your turn you realize that a.) these things cost money and b.) oh yeah, those brides had wedding coordinators. 

I have Tony.  Who thus far has decided that he would like a rice krispie treat cake.  I believe that has been his only idea contribution to date.  Some wedding planner, I tell ya!  (And rice krispie treat cake?  In an effort to not scare him away from ever offering another wedding-related opinion, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it might be kind of tacky.  So be forewarned that you all might be eating rice krispie treats at our wedding).

Again, I digress.  I’m feeling like I’m floundering in a big pool of wedding mania, wishing someone would just throw me a life ring and tell me that, didn’t I know?, they lead a double life as a wedding planner and would like to take on my little wedding pro bono.