I have a bit of good news.  I was offered to go full time at the magazine.

What normal person wouldn’t love to make the extra money?  Or have a more consistent routine that doesn’t include going from one job to another on many occasions?

But…here’s my one Achilles heel.

It’s hard to swallow 9-5 sometimes.  The whole getting up early thing has always been my downfall.  I blame college.  5 years ago.  What?  It’s like jet lag…I’m still trying to find that consistent routine, ok?! 

Anyhow – in this economy, I am kissing every buddha belly, thanking every heavenly star and praising whatever deity is interested in my boring day to day because this is nothing short of a miracle that the magazine asked me to add extra hours.  It’s like they like me or something.  That’s probably good, huh?

Anyhow, thought I’d share the happy news.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.