Guess what, my little lovelies?  I have a VIP visitor in T-minus 2 days! 

See if you can guess.

She’s the person who let me lick the batter off the mixing spoons whenever she made chocolate chip cookies when I was a kid. 

She’s the same person who showed up for writing awards, teacher conferences and basketball games. 

She took off countless days from work to pick me up from school during my 5th grade year when I was having a really rough time and getting really sick. 

She was also the person who sat on the floor and cried with me when I was so overwhelmed with anxiety at this time in my life as well.  And she’s the one who stuck with me when I started to get better. 

She’s the one who delivered the first birds and bees talk.  Oy. Vey.

She’s the one who will scold me for swearing and then turn around and tell a story that might make a sailor blush.  (And usually her sisters are helping her fill in the blanks, too.)

She’s who I think of when defining self-less, warm and the rock of the family.  And because she’s modest, she’ll never admit she is all of these, but she is.  And everybody knows it.

She’s the one who will go wedding dress shopping with me this week.  And I’m so excited that not only will she be there for me as my mom, but also as my friend.