Did I leave you hanging for too long?  My apologies.  It’s been a busy weekend hanging with the madre so I haven’t had much time to write.  Excuses aside, here’s how the dress shopping went down.

My mom flew in Wednesday night.  Originally, we planned to use all day Thursday and Friday and maybe even the weekend to hunt down the dress.  To make Operation Find The One go as smooth as possible, my friend Allie and I visited a few bridal stores to weed through some of the likes and dislikes.  This way I could show my mom the favorites.

At one of the stores, I ended up finding quite a few that I fell in love with.  So I booked an appointment for first thing Thursday morning.  And in less than 2 hours, we were walking out of the store with a deposit down on a dress.  I think we were both in a little bit of shock at how easy that was. 

It came down to 2 at the end.  Both were gorgeous and I was actually leaning more towards the one I ended up not getting.  But my mom and the sales lady, as well as other visitors in the store, kept raving about the one I did get.  And so I tried it on one more time and, bam, that’s all I needed.  It’s the one.

I knew going into this whole experience that I wanted a unique dress.  I told the sales girl right away that I wanted something a little chic, a little different, but that wouldn’t wear me.  I think the dress ended up being a perfect blend.  It’s a one shoulder gown with a beautiful flower on the shoulder and a fit and flare silhouette.  The bottom of the dress has ruffles that flow all the way down to the floor.  It even matches my shoes perfectly (bonus!).  The dress is funky.  It’s modern.  But it’s also soft and a bit romantic in a way.  It’s a dress people will probably have an opinion on – good or bad.  But in a world of strapless, beaded numbers (I tried many beautiful ones on, but they didn’t do it for me) I’m ok with having something a little outside the box.

I struggle with whether I should post a picture of the dress on this blog.  I have a print out copy of the dress that I haven’t had any reservations about showing to people.  However, sometimes it’s nice to be surprised.  So I’m leaving the decision up to you all.  If you want to see a picture of the dress that an overly shiny model is wearing for the ad campaign, let me know and I’ll send you a link.  If you want to be surprised in December, then…wow, I’m going to need lessons from you in will power.

Anyhow – a big thanks to my mom who not only helped me find the dress, but has hashed out all kinds of wedding details that I’ve been putting off.  Sometimes we all just need that little boost.  And moms are sometimes the best people to give us that.