So not long ago Tony and I went from joking about, to talking about, to seriously discussing buying the condo I’m living in now.  In fact, after filling out the initial paperwork to rent this quaint, little lower flat in Cedarburg, we came home and started talking about how little (I mean Little with a capitol L) storage space the place has.  Which prompted us to talking about going to meet with a financial advisor about how much house we might be able to afford.  Because I’m about ready to throw in the towel and say “screw renting.”

My “landlord” Kay, who is also my coworker, also made a convincing offer not long ago.  The realtor’s contract expires at the end of this month and if we were interested in buying, she’d knock off another $10,000 from the price if we bought straight from her.  Because, as she figures, that’s what she’d be paying the realtor when the place finally sells.  Have I mentioned how much I love this gal?!  She’s the best!

The asking price is ridiculously low right now because they’re eager to sell and with the extra $10,000 off, it’d be around $40,000 less than what the place is valued at.  !!!.  I felt the exclamation points merited their own sentence.  Because…really.

In fact, we contemplate buying it and then putting it back on the market for the value price.  Because we don’t need to move out for any special reason, we could let it sit on the market (and sit it probably will) and not accept any offers below a certain point.  That way, if it sells, we’d be up a lot of money and if it doesn’t, it’s no skin off our teeth (ooo, a little carry over from my post about cliche sayings!).

There are some downpoints, however, which brings me back from la la land.  One – it’s basically a glorified apartment.  (But it’d be MY glorified apartment…).  Two – Condo dues suck.  Three – Electric heat.  In Wisconsin.  My electric bills are sometimes close to what I pay for condo dues.  Whoever installed electric heat in this building obviously never attended Earth Science class to learn about the climate here in the Midwest.  The unit runs all the time, pretty much. 

But plusses!  Underground parking.  A beautiful, roomy place.  A great location.  No moving! (When you’ve moved 3 times in the last 2 years, this benefit definately makes the list).

An actual home that we own. 

That’d be pretty cool, I think.  I wish this was fast forwarded one year.  Weddings aren’t cheap so a good portion of the money I’ve been putting aside each month is going to a wedding fund.  We were hoping to use any wedding gift money towards a downpayment on a house.  That would totally come in handy about now.  But…maybe I just need to bite the bullet.  And stop my dreaming and make it a reality.  Fingers crossed we get good news from a financial person.  Maybe something like – “hey, your monthly payments will only be $100 dollars a month.  And you’re exempt from taxes because you both are ridiculously good looking.”