Someone needs to get my mom a paper bag to breathe in, because from the caps lock on her comment in my latest post, I’m worried she might be a tad bit worried I’m jumping the gun.

I want to clarify my last post.  I DO want to buy a home.  Tony does too.  The price on this condo is decent.  And we’d be Owners. Of. A. Home.  Whoa.

But…I’m not looking to jump into anything we can’t afford.  Hello!  Girl who has never been late in paying a bill her entire life over here!  I’m a little bit of a nazi when it comes to my finances.  In fact, I pretend $100 dollars is $0 in my checking account.  You don’t even want to see my savings organization.  It involves Excel spreadsheets.  So believe me.  There’s noway I would buy something with Tony that we both couldn’t afford.

Yesterday a good majority of the excitement I shared with all of you stemmed from the fact that we finally have something like this on our radar.  And, yeah, I’m tired of scouring the papers for crappy rentals, but I do also see the benefits in renting versus buying something we can’t afford.  So, basically, it’s just a relief to know we’re taking a step forward to meet with someone about where our finances are at…and where they can go.  And what that will mean in our future.

So, whether or not we find we can afford to buy a place like this…and actually decide if we WANT a place like this…it’s still comforting to know we’re heading down the right path and share a similar goal.  Because if you know my stubborn ass fiance, you’d know we’re not always on the same page.  Like rice krispie treat wedding cakes.