Because global warming is alive and kicking (sorry Republicans, but I’m a believer), Wisconsin has been having some mighty fine weather this March.  In fact, today my car showed 78 and I did a little inside happy dance (because I can’t let the driver next to me see me doing the real thing.  That’s as bad as getting caught belting out Journey at the top of your lungs at a traffic light.  We all do it…cough.)  Anyhow, this surprising weather has made me seriously happy.  Like the kind of happy that makes me want to approach random strangers and just hug them.  And then we’d nod at each other and give a mutual “I know” look, because…well…Wisconsin can be a little rough.  And we know.

This weather has really taken the stress out of a stressful situation right now.  I’m due to go full time next week, but this week I’ve been working partly from home and partly from a temporary office set up on the 2nd floor of a building that will house our company’s brand new office.  Which is still under construction.  Have any of you ever had to move and live out of suitcases for a couple weeks?  Try doing that with files and computers and important documents.  Because it’s like your toothbrush.  You don’t realize you packed it in the suitcase on the moving truck until it’s too late.  Same goes for that one damn document you need.  Figures.

Anyhow, I’m a little nervous because part of the deal of going full time was that I’d take on reception-type duties as well because our office manager is leaving.  And she’s been with the company forever.  That person you go to when you have no idea who else to talk to about some minor problem or another.  And now I’ll be in that role.  And I’m starting to wheeze just thinking about it.  Because a couple hours in one week is not enough time to train.  I feel like I’m being thrown into the deep end without passing swimming lessons. 

I know I’ll pick everything up eventually.  I hate to toot my own horn but I taught myself everything about my current position because my original boss left just months after I started and nobody else knew a damn thing about circulation.  So…toot toot.  Anyway…it’s more that overwhelming feeling of something new.  The whole “I know I’ll get this, but I just want to get this NOW” feeling.

Anyway – the weather is helping to curb my anxiety and I’m just enjoying knowing I’ll have my last Friday off in…well, ever.  Because once full time hits next week, it’ll feel like a big ole’ slap to my inner fun machine.  It’s like karma for enjoying myself too much in college.  I have to pay in 9 to 5’s for another 40 years.  And karma cashes in on Monday.