I know my math skills are rusty, if existent at all, but here’s how I figure.

45 seconds goes so quick when you play the time game with your hotdog in the microwave.  Not familiar with the game?  It goes something like this: put hotdog in microwave, scramble to get out bun, mustard and ketchup, then get everything back where it goes before hotdog is done.  You don’t play this game?  You think I’m weird?  Where are you going?

45 seconds seems more like 2 days when you’re watching your time clock click away and your finger itches to press it already…but your boss is in the next room and you know you should just wait the extra 45 seconds until the clock strikes exactly 4:30.

And yeah, I’m eating a hotdog right now.  After I just got back from Sendik’s and picked up all kinds of good, healthy eats. 

The hotdog was calling my name, what can I say?  Mmmm…salty mystery meat in weird, chewy casings.*

Anyhow – my full time status has officially started and I’m wondering how people do this every day.  Mondays and Tuesdays used to be my full day, with Wednesday being my half day a.k.a easy peezy lemon breezy day.  So by Tuesdays I used to feel that feeling.  The one where I thought “thank god I only have a half day tomorrow.”  Today I thought about how I had 3 full days left.  I can’t do this, people.  This normal schedule is killing me. 

Maybe once I see a paycheck I’ll rethink my “I hate everybody because I’m going on 5 1/2 hours of sleep” attitude.

*I’m going to let you in on a little secret because, if you know me well, you know I love hotdogs.  But, really…it’s not the hotdog I like.  It’s ketchup and mustard.  Oh sweet condiments!  If I could eat ketchup and mustard on a bun withouth the hotdog, I totally would.  I think the hotdog just makes it more “socially acceptable.”  Because I don’t want to be that weird girl sitting alone at a picnic.