Hi All!

I made it to Florida.  My planes didn’t crash.  I know that sounds pretty morbid, but when you’re 37,000 feet in the air, it’s amazing the kind of thoughts that go through your head.  So…high-five pilots!  Good work!

Anyhow – as of now the progress on my tan is pathetic.  If I squint really hard in proper lighting I can make out a bikini strap.  Not the kind of progress I was hoping to make by Day 3, but then again, my awful luck of always bringing crappy weather with me when I visit Florida is starting to take effect.*  I sat at the pool for 3 hours today, reminding myself that I can still get tan in overcast weather.  But, seriously…am I the only one who feels like I’m getting a better tan when my skin feels like it could flake off at any second under the intense heat of the sun?  (I sure hope my dermatologist isn’t reading this).

It’s been nice seeing the family and eating all the seafood my little heart desires.  Tuna dip, check.  Grouper, check.  Crabcakes and remoulade…holy checkmark that was delish.

I’ll check in soon because I know ya’ll are dying to hear my tanline updates.  Don’t lie, you know you are. 

*You don’t think it’s my karma for bragging in my last post, right?  Right?  Damnit.