Tony’s birthday always falls on the same day, a week before mine does.  His was last Sunday, so that means mine’s coming up.  (Side note – shout out to all the mothers out there who share that special day with me!)  I’m having a tough time with this birthday.  Not that I don’t have a tough time with all birthdays, mainly because I’m slowly inching away from being that young, hot spring chicken in the bar.  Shallow, no?  But, damn…these girls start looking younger and younger, I tell ya.

Mainly, though, it’s tough because I’m now entering my late 20’s.  Oh the horror!  The last couple years I was always able to swing it in my favor.  “Ohhh, no, no…I’m still in my mid twenties,” I’d say.  But this year, there is no mistaking.  I’m entering the last 3 years.  Can I get you a tissue?  I know you are crying big crocodile tears for me.  Oh wait, that’s just me.

I joke about it, really.  I’m not that hung up on it.  And as long as I always have Tony 2 years and a week ahead of me, I can pick on someone else for being older.  Not that guys care as much.  But I’m trying to give him a complex, ok, so back me up on this one.

I just went on a long tirade about what a total girl I’m being about this next birthday, so I need to cool it and get back to my subject at hand.  Nintendo Wii!  Yay!

Because we have such close birthdays, we’ll often buy a joint gift together.  Some years we’ll just go on a shopping trip together.  This year we decided to get a Wii.  Somehow I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say he’s the one who brought up the video game idea.  I wasn’t sitting at home pining for one, is what I’m saying.

But it’s actually been a lot of fun.  If Mario Kart was a man, he’d be my new squeeze.  The light of my life.  Oh how I love you Mario Kart.  I didn’t want to love you because, actually, I was totally in love with your older brother, Super Nintendo Mario Kart, but you have stolen my heart with your cool new courses and silly little wheel controller.  Swoon.

I’m mixed on the other games.  My parents got me a Wii Fit for my birthday (seeing a theme to my birthday gifts this year?).  While I enjoy doing the little games, I’m not sure it’s really a big calorie torcher.  Burning 3 calories at a time for short little games isn’t exactly going to burn the calories off my butt from that big, ole’ piece of birthday ice cream cake I just downed for breakfast. (Don’t judge, when it’s your birthday week, you can eat whatever you want for breakfast.  Because your body knows it’s your birthday so calories don’t count.  It’s a science thing.)

Kyle got me Just Dance, which I was totally pumped about.  I’m mixed about this one as well.  I’ve always prided myself on being a bomb-diggity little dancer.  And I don’t even have to have a good quantity of wine in my system, thankyouverymuch.  But this game makes me feel like I’m sub-par and have the rhythm of, say…Tony.  (Sorry Love!)  However, once you get the hang of the dance moves, it gets easier.  And I can also see it being fun to do with a large group of people.  Also maybe with alcohol.

The Sports Resort is also a good time.  It brings out my competitive side, in which I try to canoe Tony off the course so I can win it all and celebrate.  I didn’t say I wouldn’t get scrappy.

Anyhow, I’m starting to feel like a review catalog for the Wii system.  But there you have it folks.  If you want to join me for a game of Mario Kart sometime, I’d be totally excited.  Just watch out for the flying steering wheel remote.  I can get animated.  You’ve been warned.