Ok, you caught me.  Everytime I think about writing a new post for this blog, I then think about how awesome a trip to the fridge would be.  And then I get sidetracked on the way back because I have to walk right next to a TV and a Wii.  Right next to them!  Hungry and blonde is a bad combo.  ADHD is all I’m saying.

I feel like I should talk about wedding-related things, mainly because I haven’t in quite some time.  And while I know you eagerly anticipate my posts about random topics like how much I love hotdogs (errr…ketchup and mustard…don’t judge!), I feel like I should occasionally bring this wedding blog back around to be about weddings.  You know…every once in a while and stuff.

So we finally decided on the caterers.  The last big puzzle piece.  Thinking about the cost makes me a little hyper-ventilat-y (take that spellcheck!) so I’d much rather focus on the delicious eats that we picked out.

We chose to do something called European Stations (or if you’re the caterer “European Extravagaaaanza,” which I think he repeated 3 or 4 times.  For the effect, I think.)  Anyways, it’s kind of a new thing nowadays.  A little more hip than a buffet, but still less stuffy than a formal, sit-down meal.  The caterers set up chef-interactive stations all around the venue and our guests can mosey over to whichever station catches their fancy.  Our main stations will consist of a carving station with roast beef and turkey and a quesadilla station (Arriba!)

There will also be smaller stations for soup, salad, veggies, fruits, coffee and…yum. 

Because it’s hard to “taste test” this kind of meal, we had our tasting with all the different appetizers we could choose from.  Seriously…this was insanely good.  Because I’m a lady, I did a little picking and choosing, taking a small sample from the overall table.  My partner in crime had not eaten dinner.  So he was a little less…graceful about the whole thing.  I stopped counting when he got to 6 bacon wrapped pineapples.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say those were probably his favorite.  And you can go out on your own limb when you take a wild guess what one of our appetizers is going to be.

Anyhow, along with the bacon-wrapped pineapple (which according to the Chef, is actually their most popular item on the menu), you’ll also be enjoying apricot and raspberry brie phyllos, artichoke toasts, tomato and basil bruschetta, crab wontons, italian sausage stuffed mushroom caps, and shrimp scampi.  They sound really simple.  No fancy names like “Pate Kabobs with Seaweed Wrap and Plum Sauce,” but they were good.  Really good.  And a little something for all my meat-eating friends and veggie-friends alike.  I aim to please, people.

Anyhow, that’s where we are with that.  Have I fulfilled my blogging duty now?  Can I go back to watching old Lost episodes?