Ha!  I had to share this with you all because I got quite the kick out it today.  After posting my last entry about my “exciting life,” which was actually very tongue-in-cheek as I’m sure you all guessed because I like to think of my readers as intelligent creatures (you’re welcome), I checked my stats and saw that someone found my entry because they Googled “How to Lead an Exciting Life.”

If that was you, I am in no way laughing at your Google query.  If you had access to my Google query history, you would probably laugh too.(You know I just went up to my little Google box and checked my search history right now, right?  And you also know I’m not ashamed to admit that I just deleted it all because…eek! Don’t look!)  Anyway, back to my point. 

I am not laughing at you because of your search.  In fact, I’m quite impressed by your ability to take life by the reigns.  Make that life interesting, kiddo!  I’m more amused by the fact that your search led you to yesterday’s post.  Because it’s more like the handbook regarding what NOT to do in order to have an interesting life.  So if that was you – I am deeply apologetic.  I didn’t mean to lure you in with a snazzy title and then scar you for life against the working world. 

I think I may need to borrow your search query in order to have an actual life to write about on this blog.  I knew there was a lesson in all this.