I did it.  I stuck to my word and went for a run yesterday.  And are you ready for this?  I went for a run today, too.  Holy shit, I’m actually doing something consistently.  Who am I?  I’m scared.

I suppose saying I went for a “run” is the wrong terminology.  It was more like I went sprinting out of the gate, hit block 3, walked for 6 blocks, ran a few more, walked a couple, passed a few people mowing their lawn, and then walked it on home. 

This running stuff is tough, ya’ll!  I know I need to start slow and build my endurance, but out of about 22 blocks (1 way uphill, 1 way slightly down), I probably run about 6 or 7 of those blocks.  My goal by the end of this summer is to run the whole thing without stopping.  I could care less about speed.  I’m more concerned with stamina.  Enough that I can actually run on a busy street sidewalk, because right now I stick to the neighborhoods.  For fear drivers are judging my “run on-run off” practice.  Ooo, so Miyagi!

Anyway, here’s a few things I’ve learned since I started running, because a girl can run for 2 days and get all expert on your ass!

1.) Side aches are a bitch.  Suggestions please!

2.) Mowing your lawn in 80 degree weather looks like it burns a lot of calories.  Maybe I should start doing that instead of running.  Although if you gave me a lawnmower, I probably wouldn’t know how to turn it on.  And if I finally got it going, I might feel like mowing little designs in your yard.  You’ve been warned.  Unless you like smiley faces.

3.) It’s really hard not to think of the M&M cookies sitting on your counter at home waiting for your return.  It’s also hard not to convince yourself that they should be your reward for exercising.

4.) Where do you put your keys?  Really?  And fanny packs are not an option.  So don’t go there.

5.) I wish I had a beefcake trainer who could run ahead of me.  Maybe dangling a hotdog on a string or something.  That might make this whole thing a little easier. 

Keep up those suggestions because I’m bound and determined to tone up before Tony and I have to photograph our Save The Date cards.  We have the best idea EVER!  But it involves swimsuits.  You’ll just have to wait and see!