What’s with me and consistency lately?  First I start running more habitually, and now I’m keeping my word regarding these “Tell Me About It Tuesdays.”  I deserve a medal.  A big one.  But if you want to get me one of those gaudy belts like they have in the WWE world wrestling matches on TV, I will not turn it away, either.  In fact, I might wear it.  To some important event or something to show I’m VIP, of course.  I do have a wedding coming up, you know.

Digression.  It takes a whole new meaning when applied to one of my blog posts, doesn’t it?

Ok, so my good pal, Julie, from this awesome little blog here suggested a question in the comments of my last post and because I said I’d answer any questions you might pose, I’m staying true to my word here.  So here’s Julie’s question.

Which TV Commercial Personality Would You Most Like To Be?

The greatest invention of all time is DVR.  Which means I’m not so up-to-date on my TV commercials because I’ve become a bit of a snob about watching them.  If there’s a show I’m interested in, I have a hard time watching it live because I forget and try to click feverishly on the fast forward button.  And then when it dawns on me that it isn’t pre-recorded, I go to a bad place.  A very, very bad place. 

Oh DVR, how I love you.  Almost as much as parentheses.  (I said almost).  I might not be able to afford the expensive brand of paper towel at the grocery store, but damnit I will pinch every penny to afford you.

So I need to think this one out.  Because I don’t know specific TV characters, I might have to get a little general.  Here are the categories I know. 

1.) The Cleaning/Cooking Mom:  Right off the bat this isn’t me.  Because I would never be so cheerful to cook and clean.  And if my son and his friends ran through my kitchen in dirty baseball cleats, I wouldn’t playfully laugh it off with Mr. Clean while we looked at each other shaking our heads all “boys with be boys” while holding up our Magic Erasers.  No, I’d be taking life insurance policies out on the little brats. 

2.) The Beer Commercial Girl:  All the girls in these commercials are really dumb and stereotypical.  That one commercial where the guy is having a hard time saying he loves his girlfriend, but when the waitress bring his beer he says the word “love” easily?  Yeah, that one?  The girl is an idiot.  Besides, beer isn’t my thing.  I’ll drink it if there isn’t hard liquor in a 50 mile radius.  Maybe 49 mile radius.  I’m a bit hardcore for the rum, is all.

3.) The Infomercial:  Ok, I think we might have found a winner with this one.  Let’s go through my trait list.  Am I chipper and cheerful in the morning while making my eggs with the Magic Bullet?  Well, no, but I could be if pancakes are possibly involved.  Would I like to get stains out my clothes with OxyClean?  You betcha!  Those pesky grass stains are no laughing matter.  Can I convince an eager audience to take the Hoover challenge with me?  I think I just might.  Ding, ding, ding.  I’ve found my calling.  So, to answer your question, Julie…I see informercial hosting in my future.  Now everyone go by a ShamWow!

Ok, all…I loved all the creative answers I got in last Tuesday’s comments.  Keep ’em up.  What TV commercial character or personality would you be?