Some sage words of advice from the person voted least photogenic in all the land.  I really was.  I’ll show you the trophy sometime.
1.)  Try to keep both eyes open when mugging for the camera.  Most people look more attractive with two eyes open.  Unless, of course, you’re a pirate.

Standing in a crowded bar is always an appropriate time to dream of icecream cones.

 2.) And if you can only keep one open, make it look damn good when you do.

You better believe I'm winking at your bad self

 3.) Don’t try to beat yourself up.  Bad photo skills is as much hereditary as it is a skilled practice.

Why do I all of a sudden have a hankering to listen to Poison?

4.) Avoid cliche picture moves like the butt slap and the “oh look at me stick my cute little tongue out.”  As my Aunt Carol would say – “If I can’t serve as a good example, let me be a horrible warning.” 

Exhibit A:

Oh no. Oh no, she didn't. Oh yes, she did.

Exhibit B:

Practicing for the KISS cover band tryouts.

5.) It’s all about looking natural.

Smile with your eyes.

6.) Like swimming, try to avoid eating 30 minutes before picture taking time.

That was one strong mint.

7.) Dance moves don’t always translate as well on film.

Ice, Ice Baby, Too Cool...Too Cool...

And when all else fails, marry someone as incredibly photogenic as you.