So we’re plugging along here with these Tell Me About It Tuesdays.  Thanks to all of you who comment.  I truly, truly, truly enjoy reading your answers to the questions, so keep ’em coming!  Capeesh?

Uncle Jesse moment.  Nice.

Anyway, without further ado, I present you with the question of the week.  Hold onto your hats, people.

What Is Your Very First Memory?

I thought this would be an interesting question to ask because we all  have snippets of clear memories from when we were very, very young.  To answer for myself, I have two that are fairly clear.  And because my inner timeline is out of check, I’m not sure which came first.  So I shall present you with both, dear readers.

The first memory is of standing on a rough patch of grass near our gas meter at our Kansas City home.  I remember it smelling a little of dog poop because I believe my parents let our old dog Midnight poop on the little hill near the meters.  I vaguely remember pretending the gas meter was my candy truck and mumbling to my little tag-a-long brother Kyle about the different types of candy we were delivering.  Loving candy at the age of 3?  Doesn’t sound like me.

The other memory is of moving day in Kansas City.  Our living room was on the main level above the kitchen, which was located down some stairs.  I was eating goldfish crackers and dropping them down to the kitchen floor below, where the movers were working.

It’s funny how memories, even more recent ones, are remembered in little moments.  I worked thousands of hours last year, yet every day blends into the next.  I imagine, though, that’s how most women have a second child.  Because if they had to remember 23 hours worth of labor in clear detail, our world population might be severly stunted.

Anyhoo…on to you!  What was your first vivid memory?