Hello Tuesday.  You’re back again.  So soon.  Weren’t you just here, like, last week?  Why am I starting to resent you? 

Oh, that’s right.  Maybe because I’m slacking on the “Tell Me About It” questions.


All in favor of scrapping this weekly “column” in favor of more interesting blog posts, like what I’m eating for dinner and what’s on television, say “aye.”

Because I’m magical and can hear you through my computer screen, I have heard all 100% of you say “aye” in a chorus of beautiful melody.  Please go straight to your American Idol try-out venue because you, my fine readers, have some ah-maazing pipes. 

I just complimented you, so am I off the hook?




***Ok, for realzz – I’m what some might call lazy.  I call it “letting my mind relax after a long day at work.”  Tomato, tomato. (ha, after I wrote that, I realized that you can’t hear me actually saying the different pronunciations of tomato…I have officially reached an all-time low.)  So because my brain is fried every weeknight, I sit staring at my screen when “Tell Me About Tuesday” rolls around.  And like days of the week, it tends to roll around every 7 days.  And that’s 7 days too soon.  So, from now on, my first official law as Queen Bee of this here land that is Blog, Tuesdays can go back to being normal.  Phew.