I just realized I never told you all the story of how Tony proposed.  Seeing as how this is a wedding blog, we might as well start from the beginning.  8 months into the blog.  That’s how I roll.

Tony and I have been together 11 years.  And before you hurt yourself doing the math, let me help you.  We started dating when I was 16.  He was 18.  Which made me uber cool because I was dating an older boy.  And when you’re 16, it’s all about looking cool.

Fast forward almost 9 years.  We were living in Florida together, enjoying life and hating tourists, when all my coworkers started getting on Tony for not proposing yet.  Here’s a little secret about Tony – he does things in his own time.  (11 years = obviously).  So it got us talking about engagement (ok, it got ME talking about engagement) and I finally gave him an ultimatum.

And please don’t tell him I’m writing that because he HATES when I tell this story.  But what’s a secret between a few hundred internet friends, right?  Anyway.

The ultimatum was this: propose to me within the year or I’m leaving you.  And I am for reeeeaaal.  (Sing that last part like Outkast sings “Ms. Jackson.”  Ok, good, I heard you.  And while you’re no Mariah, I hear potential in you, kid).

So, in typical Tony fashion, he waits until the last weekend of the year-long ultimatum to pop the question.  And, actually, I should admit, I knew it was coming that weekend.  But I didn’t know how.

So he gets home from work on Friday night and has a big bag of candy for me.  And instantly my smile got wider because I thought he was trying to start a special weekend off with a bang.  I didn’t think anything of the candy because I was still stuck on the idea he was planning some elaborate scheme. 

So I start snacking on the Nerds.  I should also mention that the weekend he proposed also happened to be 2 weekends after Valentine’s Day.  A day in which everybody who loves me bought me Nerds.  That’s just what you do when you love me.  (Read that as being easy to please).  So after a little while I started to feel kind of like I couldn’t handle anymore Nerds.  My head was buzzing.  I probably could have taken flight if I had tried.  The Nerds had to go.  I started to walk to the garbage can, telling Tony “I need to sabotage this box of Nerds so I won’t eat anymore.  I just need to throw them away.”  He was quick to grab them from me, saying he was in the mood to have some.  Which, looking back, is super odd because he’s not a candy eater.

By the end of the night we were both high on glucose and heading to bed.  As we were getting under the covers I joked with him that I thought he was going to surprise me and we’d actually be engaged by that night.  He looked at me and said “me too.”  I looked back, a little more suspicious this time and said “the ring is here?”  He just laughed as I jumped out of bed. 

The rest of the time was spent playing the game “Hot and Cold” until I reached the big Nerds box again.  I peeked in and there was my gorgeous engagement ring, nestled within the Nerds.  How I missed it the first time, I’ll never know.

He got down on one knee and it was short and sweet.  “Will you be my wife?”  It was totally us because instead of crying, it was done with lots of goofy laughter.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So you can take that cavity bill and shove it, Mr. Dentist.  The Nerds were worth it.