Poor Tony.  Poor, poor Tony.  He’s been working on a brochure in Quark all month.  I’m talking, probably one of the biggest projects he’s done for work.  And he made one wrong “Save” this morning and all of a sudden poof.  The file was lost to that special land where only important, deadlined computer files go.  Also known as What The F&!^ Land!  I think we’ve all visited that land once or twice.  But man, I feel his pain.

He’ll be up all night, no doubt.  While I’m cozy, asleep in our big, comfy bed.  Ok, that was mean.  Really mean.  Sorry, babe.

Anyway, on a more exciting note, we’re heading up north tomorrow night.  Just the two of us.  And I’m excited to spend a weekend fishing, tanning, sleeping in, watching movies, and reading a good book.  And we made a deal.  He wouldn’t talk about work.  And in return, I promised (maybe with my fingers crossed behind my back, but…) that I wouldn’t talk about the wedding.  I’m not going to lie.  There might be a lot of silence.

You want more exciting news?  Can you handle it?  We’re sending out our Save-the-Date cards tomorrow morning.  And they turned out cuu-uute.  And you know what that means, right?  All the blooper outtake photos posted on this blog when I get back.  Did I just make you wish me home sooner?  You jerks!