I’m fairly confident most of you got your Save the Date cards in the mail today.  I’m posting the digital version because if you look at your hard copy, you’ll see the color looks slightly skewed.  Or maybe Tony just felt like wearing lipstick that day.  I’ll let you be the judge on that one. 

Thumbs down, OfficeMax, for making my fiancée look like he dabbles in makeup.  Thumbs down, indeed.

Save The Date Card (hint – you’ll need some type of program that lets you view .pdf files.  Because apparently WordPress hates me.  Just like OfficeMax).

So there you have it.  The color is much better on the .pdf file and Tony doesn’t look so skeletor with big red lips and I don’t look like I’m hanging out in the shadows, all creepy and evil-like.  I think I may be exaggerating the color skew on the postcards.  But still.  I hate you OfficeMax.

Moving on…(because someone has to put a stop to the OfficeMax tangent).

When I first started thinking up creative ideas for our Save the Date cards, I had grand visions of us sitting in our bathing suits doing “summer-y” things, while decked out in winter garb.  And as the photo shoot day moved closer, it dawned on me that 170 postcard recipients would soon see me strutting my stuff in an itty bitty bikini.  And I pictured some bewildered great-aunt Mildred somewhere shaking her head while muttering “oh my stars.”  (Note: neither of us have a great-aunt Mildred.  But we both have active imaginations).  So we made it a little more PG and wore regular summer clothes.  I’m sorry to dash your dreams, ladies, but Tony’s not in swim trunks.  Save those fainting spells for Elvis.  Or Justin Bieber.  Whatever.

And in true Tony and Katie fashion, we have tons (and I’m talking tons) of horrendous, hilarious blooper photos.  70 plus photos of one-eye-open, weird smiles and fat arms.  And 7 pictures in a row where a very happy mosquito is sucking the lifeblood out of Tony’s forehead.  And these I will save for tomorrow.  Or until Tony comes home with the memory card that holds these photos.  You don’t think he’s hiding them on purpose, right?