Check out my award, bitches!  Jealous much? 

Now that I’ve offended the lot of you, let me thank Thoughts Appear for the lovely shout-out.  And yeah I just said “lovely” again.

Anyhoo, I guess the way this works is I pass it on to my favorite bloggers.  And if you didn’t make the list, please know that it’s only because I can pick just 4.  Besides, I’m sending you a contract for my first born child in the mail.  It’s the consolation prize.  Which, really, is way cooler than a shout-out into cyberspace, anyway.

(I can’t guarantee he will cook, though.  My DNA can be mighty aggressive in the gene pool.  Some might even consider the “curly-hair” gene to be downright scrappy.  Sorry stick-straight-Tony-hair.)

So in no particular order, here are some blogs I enjoy perusing.  You know.  When I actually have time away from the straightening iron.

The Highly Uninteresting Misadventures of Average Girl – I am always amused.  Always. 

Amalah – She’s pretty much super famous in the blogging world (think Hyperbole and a Half…) so she probably has no idea I exist, nor that I am passing on such a prestigious and honorary award to her.  But you asked whose blogs I love to read.  And I don’t miss hers!

Goodbye Whoopie Pie – she’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry.  Then she’ll make you feel like you wish you had just written what she wrote, damnit!

Perpetually Peeved – I’m new to her blog, but she’s pretty, freakin’ hilarious.  Check out her “What The…?” posts – you could quite possibly pee a little from the laughing.  I will try not to be sitting next to you when you do, though.

So that’s that.  How’s it feel to be uber-famous, you ask?  Oh, pretty natural, I must say.  I’ll try to remind myself to remember all the little people when I make it to the top, though.  Which one of you does hair?  I’m going to need a fabulous stylist when I’m hobnobbing with P. Diddy and Luda in our pimped out Wiener-mobile.  That’s just how I roll, people.  Big fat wheels and vertical grills…and a big, orange hotdog sitting on top.*

*Ten thousand points and my SECOND unborn child if you can name the song whose lyrics I just totally ripped off (before the hotdog part, of course, because rappers tend to not sing about hotdogs.  It’d be a lot cooler if they did…but that’s beside the point).