My back molar hurts.  Dagnabit.

Which is really old man speak for “shit!”

And, yeah, the swearing was necessary.  Because I have a toothache.  What the heck karma gods?  You know I hate the dentist.  Did he pray for more money when he was getting ready to go to bed last night? (Side note, I picture him in footie pajamas for some reason…)

Listen, karma gods.  I know I make a lot of promises when I go to the dentist.  Things like:

-“For sure I’ll cut down on the candy intake.” (Lie)

-“I will use the flouride treatment diligently” (Lie)

-“It’s so good to see you again” (Lying through my teeth…ha, no pun intended)

But, I DO floss.  And I DO brush twice a day.  And I get a toothache.

My fiancee, who works at a dental company and has insane dental coverage, isn’t always the champion flosser, yet he has a clean bill of oral health.

Life.  Unfair, no?