There is this girl.  We’ve all met her.  She’s the girl who’s 2 months out from her wedding date.  Some may call her organized.  Some may even say a bit whack-a-doo about cake flavors.

I used to laugh and roll my eyes at that girl.  Because, seriously…bridezilla.  And I was NOT going to be that girl.

Well.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m that girl.

I didn’t realize how hard all this planning was going to be.  The money, time and effort that goes into planning a big soiree for your closest friends and family is astronomical.  I find myself laying awake in bed at night going over details, deadlines and deposits.  I’m starting to become that annoying girl who somehow finds a way to link a conversation about something as completely random as a trip to the zoo back to the wedding.

What’s wrong with me?

I need help.  An intervention of some sort.  I might even allow slight physical violence if you promise to remember I’m kind of a wuss.

 If I don’t get help soon, this is the bride you”ll see on her wedding day.

Kiss me, Tony and I'll be yours forever!