I need to stop writing about Justin Bieber (or Biebs as I call him ‘cuz we’re totally bff like that) and the Wienermobile.  Because I’m getting an awful lot of Google searches for those terms.  And sometimes the two together.  But…without the “mobile” part on the end, if you get what I’m sayin’…

I could hear you all thinking that over.  And yeah, it freaks me out too, people.  Can’t help the Google stats, though.  As gross and skeevy as they may be.

Also?  Wiener?  Really?  The English major in me is disappointed in the lack of creativity.  Someone get these tween girls a Thesaurus already!

Tween girls are a strange bunch.  A strange, hormonal bunch.

Run, Biebs.  Run.*

*But stay away from the caves.  There are plenty of cougars running wild out there, too.  It’s a dangerous world, my friend.