Tonight Tony’s Xbox starting making a really loud, really broken-sounding buzzing noise.  I tried really hard to furrow my brow and look concerned as he shuffled around frantically on the carpet, putting his ear up to all the parts on the machine.  I really did.  But secretly I was looking at the ceiling asking “Are you there, God?  It’s me, Katie.  You’ve been hearing my prayers, haven’t you?”  And then I winked like we share an inside joke or something.  God can be a homey too, you know.

Anyway, my glee was short lived.  Somehow God must have heard me asking and thought “Wait, you aren’t Katie S.?  Oops – I was supposed to visit a house down the road where a Katie S. lives.  And I can only break 1 Xbox a day.  It’s a quota thing.” (Apparently, God can also be Santa Claus and visit houses.  This IS God we’re talking about.  But no fireplaces.  A guest like God is good enough to come through the proper foyer in front).

So, somehow the powers that be made the noise go away.  And I am currently watching my fiancee live out his all-time fantasy of being a Warrant Officer on a team named Slayer in a world where you run around an abandoned warehouse and test out your sniper aim on weird aliens in armor suits.  Because skills like that will most certainly come in handy someday.  You know.  When the aliens invade.

My only hope is the buzzing will come back tomorrow.  I do own a few nice pairs of heels.  They leave very few marks.