I’m not sure why I wrote the title I did, because I haven’t had cake for breakfast in at least a week.  Just kidding.  Maybe not so kidding about chocolate chip cookies, though.  Also?  Pizza.

(Eating calories for breakfast is better than at night, no?  I feel like I read that somewhere.)

So we finally have a cake for the wedding.  And you all better be drooling from the lower lip because this cake is going to be mighty fine.  Miiiighty fiiiine.  For emphasis.

Because once a dork, always a dork, I became extra nerdy in hunting down things that would “go” with a winter wedding.  Not “match,” though.  Can’t “match.”  I can thank “What Not To Wear” for that little nugget of knowledge.

Anyhow, I’m a humongous mint fan.  Junior Mints are up there with Nerds on the category of “The Little Things In Life That Pacify Katie.”  So I kept going back to the idea of having a mint flavor in the wedding cake.  A chocolate wedding cake.  And, duh, mint is also really “winter-y,” being so…peppermint-y fresh and all.

When I called the bakery to schedule a tasting, I told them of my grand idea and they told me they make a great mint filling and would have some ready for our tasting.  They had me at “hello,” but I went to the tasting anyway.  A girl always needs to play a little hard to get.

The mint filling was delish.  Not too minty at all, in fact, but just a hint and it was insanely awesome with the layer of chocolate ganache inside the chocolate cake.  I ate the entire slice.  And did not feel guilty.  Sorry scale.

So here’s how the cake goes.  The bottom layer will be chocolate cake, 1 layer of chocolate ganache filling and 2 layers of mint.  The second layer will be yellow cake with 2 layers of raspberry cream.  The top layer will be the chocolate lover’s delight.  Chocolate on chocolate.  The outside is covered in their “secret recipe” buttercream, which…ah-mazing.  It was so light and fluffy.  Definitely different from the run-of-the-mill sugar-loaded grocery store buttercream.

And because you thought I couldn’t get anymore annoying and I’m here to prove you wrong – we’re doing a snow theme on the outside of the cake.  There will be bands around the top of each cake that will be made of shaved white chocolate.  In essence, to represent snow.  You guys totally think I’m cool, right?  Yeah?  Guys?

Anyway, a little project update.  I haven’t forgotten the 1st post to our table number luminaries.  We made a lot of headway this past week with all the staining.  I’ve never been so high in my life off of wood stain fumes.  You all see the fairies, too, right?

I’ll update soon with pictures.  Right now the fairies are telling me it’s past my bedtime, though.

P.S. – Anybody have any cool, artsy, abstract, unique, winterish ideas for a cake topper?  Tony and I toyed around with possibly putting tall peppermint sticks on top in a cool arrangement…you know…bringing it full circle to the mint and all…But we’re open to any ideas.  So lay ’em on me!