So it’s that time of year.  Less than a week to Halloween and I have to start brainstorming creative ways to mix and match items in my closet to become some brilliant Halloween costume.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween.  I’m just always under-prepared.  And while it’s nice to use what’s available in my closet, I don’t exactly own a whole lot of clothing that could scream “Clown!”  Or “Witch!”  I gave up green and black striped tube socks years ago.  Ok, fine, last year.  But pointy hats will one day be in style again, mark my word.

Anyhow…I need some suggestions.  I thought it’d be clever to go as Bride of Frankenstein, because, well…duh…look up to the top of your screen.  But the thought of putting my hair through the trauma made my split ends scream in agony.

Besides, I’m 27.  If I’m not wearing something outwardly sexy, I’m just not trying hard enough.  Cowgirl?  Good idea, let’s make it sexy cowgirl.  Lawyer?  Lady lawyers wear sexy pencil skirts, yeah?  How about a construction worker?  They work in miniskirts right?  I feel like I might have read that in some safety handbook somewhere.

Any ideas?  You provide the outfit inspiration.  I’ll cover the shoes.