No, wait, hold on…let me see.  No, it was Captain Morgan.  Sorry to get you all worked up like that.  False alarm, people!

Feeling a little tired today.  I can’t drink like I used to.  The old iron liver is possibly throwing up his hands and calling it a day.

It’s been a nice decade, Katie, but it’s time you let me rest.  Aren’t you ready to, like, start popping out children or something?

And to this I answer: “Helllloo, Liver, have you not heard of mommy play dates?  I hear there’s wine.  So, ha – you can run, but you can’t hide.”

As you know from my last post, Halloween always involves a last minute scramble to throw together some type of costume.  So I thought I was a bit ahead of the game when I decided I was going to go as a leopard. (Thanks leopard shoes for helping me come up with such a creative little number).  But what was Tony going to be?

And then I had an “aha” moment (shout out to Oprah – woot, woot!) when I thought back to all those Planet Earth videos Tony and I watched a couple years back.  Duh!  Tony was going to go as the gazelle!

It was perfect.  And pretty hilarious.  And I planned to get a little tipsy and chase Tony around the bar.  But Tony did not know this last part.

Anyhow, it didn’t end up working, mainly because where the hell do you buy a gazelle costume and also partly because Tony is the epitome of “last minute-dom” and never got his costume together.  So he got to be the guy heckled at when he walked into the speakeasy.  Because even the townies were dressed to the nines.

Anyhow, I figured out how upload pictures to this Mac.  Don’t start getting the idea that I like this Mac, though.  We’ll always have a tense relationship, but for now we’re working together for the common good of the children.  Or internet usage.  Same diff.

So, in no particular order, let me bombard you with an overload of incredibly annoying photos, half of which are taken by me doing that obnoxious “hold arm away from face as if someone else is taking your picture” move.  I’m the poster child for teen girl Facebook profile pics.  Obviously.

There are no pictures of Tony.  Because we cannot lead him to believe that going out without a costume is anywhere near acceptable behavior.  And if we reward this bad behavior, he’ll never learn.  Sorry T.

The amount of hairspray I put in my hair was ridiculous. I had to be careful not to stand next to anyone lighting a cig.

Hello, Lover...

All leopards wear stilettos when stalking their prey. Haven't you ever watched Animal Planet? Gawd!

The leopard's natural habitat includes hardwood floors and stainless steel kitchen appliances. They are high class creatures.

Ok, fiiiine, Tony, we’ll sneak you in.

The leopard's main dinner dish for the evening. With a side of X-Box controller.

Happy Halloween, everybody!