Stop what you’re doing.  Look up to the date on this post.  What is that date?  Yup, I thought so.  It’s November 4th.  Which by my calculations, makes it 1 month before December 4th.  I actually made it to school that day in first grade when we studied calendars.  Gold star for me today!

So, wow.  Yeah.  1 month.  Am I excited?  Definately.  Am I freaking out?  You betcha.

Want to know why else I’m freaking out?

The condo has sold.  Oh. No.

All along I have really hoped deep down that my landlord/coworker/fake-aunt-so-I-can-live-here-without-getting-into-trouble would sell the place.  It’s been on the market fooooreeeeveeer (Sandlot, wheee!).  But, as the wedding approached, I kept thinking “ok…if there is ONE month that I would like it NOT to sell, it would have to be November.  Because if I have to move before the wedding, that might actually produce some catastrophic meltdown.”  Well, the karma gods must still be mad at me about that one time I tried to steal all the neighbor boy’s toys when I was really young, because they said “Yahtzee!  Let’s do this thing.”

So it sold.  And I have to be out by December 14th.  Which could be worse, I suppose, but if you knew my cash flow at the moment (which is more cash flow “out” than “in” because vendors actually expect you to pay them before your wedding.  The nerve!), you’d know that I might have to eat canned tuna and whatever else I have stored in the cabinet.  No lobster this month.  We’re on a budget!  Damn!

I thought I’d have a catastrophic meltdown, as mentioned above, but I think I’m handling it pretty well.  Aside from realizations of horror when I think about packing up and moving in the winter.  And down payments and first month’s rents.  And possibly living without a dishwasher.  Nooooo!  The agony!

Ok, so I thought I was dealing with this pretty well, but check back in a month.  After the wedding dress has been put away.  You could be getting an update from a not-so-cheeky wife who is carrying her new wicker hamper and coffee maker down the street, asking people for spare change.  Or a spare bedroom.