I know I’ve been pretty bad about getting around to detailing “Round 2” of my table number photo luminaries, also known as, Project Wood Stain Fumes.  If you missed it, I described the beginning of this project here.

The fumes have settled and the little fairies I was seeing on my paint high have now dissipated (mostly), so I thought I’d provide the finish to this little project.  Also, it might well be the one and only craft I do for this wedding so I had to document this to paper.  Or computer screen.  Whatever – I just needed proof that I actually completed something crafty.

So, here’s the rest of it for all you DIY brides out there.  Because in between being cheeky and snarky, I do like to make sure I’m giving my readers a good education.  My aim is to be the teacher that you’ll always remember.  The one who changed your life around.  Like Michelle Pfeifer style.  Coolio is no longer walking through that valley in the shadow of death and taking a look at his life and realizing there’s nothing left.  You’re welcome from Michelle and me.

Veering off-course, Katie…veering off course.  Focus, girl…

Ok, so where did we leave off?  Oh yeah – I had printed out our pictures on the vellum paper, but the frames hadn’t yet been stained.

My MIL helped with the staining, of which I know we did, but I don’t remember much of (please see commentary on paint fumes above).  After letting them dry, I took Tacky Glue and carefully outlined the little ridge of the photo frame.  Sort of like so:

Here’s what it looks like from the front:

Wow, that is one cute Little Tony.  The tie might even push the cuteness into a level in which your teeth might actually, literally hurt.

When you’re done with all of them, you pick out 3 to put together.  We spent a few nights going back and forth to the hardware store, trying to come up with a creative way to bracket 3 photo frames together to form a triangle.  Brackets were ridiculously expensive when you figure you’ll need around 45 and the other ideas involved too much glue.  In the end, clear packaging tape ended up working the best.

Make sure you stand them up to make sure no frame is a little higher than the others.  If that happens, you’ll have one frame that wants to swing away the whole night, ruining the triangle.

I taped a few together to place on our kitchen counter and show you how they should stand, in triangle formation.  Which sounds really military for an arts and craft project.

The last step is to place a tealight candle inside (in a votive holder of course, because this sucker will go up in flames if exposed to fire…much like, well…anything…).

Unfortunately, it’s hard to photograph things in dim light to show a candle effect.  But trust me on this one.  It’s cool.

The last thing I need to do is to glue on the table numbers to the wood.  I haven’t finished painting them yet.

But this project is pretty much over.  Word to the wise for other brides out there – Martha crafts look deceptively simple.  When science is finally able to tackle the whole cloning-thing, you might want to go pick up your own clone-Martha at the local Michael’s and have her do this for you.  40% coupons are good because I hear she’s expensive.  I mean…she DOES have a lot of stocks to keep up with.