Recently it has hit me that in less than a week I will be a wife.  Tony will actually have to introduce me to people as his wife.  No longer his girlfriend.  His fiancee.  Partner, cohabitant, best gal.  (That last one was for all of you reminiscing about the 1950’s…are there many of you doing that?)

Which means I will call him my husband.  No longer boyfriend, fiancee, guy in my kitchen who always drinks all my OJ.

When did this happen?  I am alarmed.  Because the last I checked I was 14.  I think that was yesterday.  When did 27 happen?

Sometimes I still feel like I’m playing pretend.  And I’m always worried the world will find out my secret soon enough.  Adult imposter!  Waah!  Waah!  Waah! (That was my siren.  Did it sound like a siren?)

I went to buy wine tonight and felt bashful about it (and then insulted when they didn’t ask for my ID, but that’s another story for the future therapist).  I don’t like to hang my feet over the bed because I get creeped out something could reach up and grab me.  I eat Mac and Cheese more than the recommended yearly dose, according to our Surgeon General.

Does this sound like someone’s wife to you?  An adult wife?

Tony isn’t much better.  Two words.  Video games.


Whatever the title, we’ll be joined in 5 days.  Husband and Wife.  Man and his Better Half.  Two Peas in a Pod.  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  Call it what you will.